I was talking about The Croods vs. Frozen in my storyboarding class a couple weeks back and one of the guys close to me butted into the conversation. He said that Frozen was better because Disney. Nothing about the movies, just that Frozen was better because Disney is better than…






Who wants to play a game called Spot the Asshole?

I’d reblog this on my other blog but people need to learn about this if they work in fast food and I have a lot of followers on my main blog.


seriously though, i’ve heard stories of people giving “skinny” people regular soda instead of diet… newsflash: high blood sugars make you lose weight. a skinny persom that asks for diet soda could very well be diabetic… and then if you give them regular soda, you could cause some serious damage, even comas or death. i don’t care how you feel towards a customer, GIVE THEM THE DRINK THEY ASKED FOR.

There is a coffee place near my home and they happens to serve sugar-free hot chocolate being a type one diabetic this is great because it has about half the amount of carbs. This one time I ordered it the employee rolled his eyes at me. When I got my drink I thought it tasted differently but I was with friends and wasn’t paying a ton of attention. Later my blood sugar was in the high 400s and we had no idea why, everything was in order. I had to stay up all night to get my blood sugars under control.  I thought of the employee might have something to do with it. The next day I went back and the same guy was working, my mom confronted him and the manager and the guy admitted that he had given me a regular hot coco and had even put extra sugar in it. He tried to justify his actions because ” how was he supposed to know I was diabetic” and ”I thought just thought she was some chick trying to lose weight that she didn’t need to lose” He lost his job and I never went back there.  But it put be in danger and if I hadn’t caught the high when I did I could of ended up in the hospital.

Something like that hot cocoa thing is ridiculously dangerous. With soda the taste is such a drastic difference that while it is still dangerous you have a much better chance of immediately realizing something is wrong.



x There. I was too weak to color it. Guess I just wanted to share it too much…

that is sick


That year


trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg


trying to decode what you wrote to yourself.jpeg


 Helenek and Chemical Alia are treasures to the dota community.

DNAdota, not so much. 



I have an idea son, why don’t we drive to the nearest cliff and see if the law of gravity applies to you.



“Eccleston was a tiger and Tennant was, well, Tigger. Smith is an uncoordinated housecat who pretends that he meant to do that after falling off a piece of furniture.” — Steven Moffat

I think we all know who that makes Capaldi.


That’s not Steven Moffat’s quote. It was written by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea in this article.



Lavazza Cinnamon-Pumpkin Espresso Milkshake by TW Collins on Flickr.

Two shots of espresso
Two scoops of good-quality, vanilla ice cream
Two pumps of pumpkin syrup (I like Monin)
A pinch of cinnamon

Mix in blender and top with unsweetened, whipped cream and candy corn and sprinkles.